As you prepare to sell your Peoria home, planning ahead with some of these seller’s tips can help make the process more smooth and enjoyable.

1.  Prepare your Home to Show

Presenting your home in the best possible light is important.  Not only should your home be cleaned, including carpets if possible, but “staging” your home can create a great first impression.  Arranging your furniture, de-cluttering, and including touches like flower arrangements, can help your home to be attractive to potential buyers.  You may choose to hire a professional stager to help with this process, or we are happy to give you some suggestions.

In addition, you may want to have your home inspected by a professional inspector, in order to find any issues that may need to be addressed that might hinder a sale.

2. Listing

Donna and her team will visit your home, tour it, and help establish a potential listing price based on comparable properties and the condition of your home (updates, amenities, and all those little “extras” that your home offers that other homes may not.) She will walk you through the process and explain what you can expect for showings, marketing, advertising, and her plan of attack to sell your home!.

3. Offer and Negotiation

When we receive an offer on your home, Donna and her team will be there every step of the way to help you negotiate the paperwork and information presented, and communicate your decisions to the other parties involved. With over 14 years of experience, Donna has the knowledge and know-how to get you through this sometimes hectic process with ease.

4. Closing

The process of closing the sale on your Peoria home results in the transfer of the title of the property from the seller to the buyer. While most closings usually take about 30 days to complete, the time frame may vary. This may depend on the availability of financing for the buyer; a home inspection being completed without major issues; and other processes being completed on time.  These may include:  the title search; title insurance; termite inspections; and appraisals.

The amount of money the seller receives from the sale may depend upon:   the amount that is still owed on the mortgage; any outstanding fees or taxes, and any additional closing costs.

It is important at the time of the closing for both the buyer and seller to make sure the paperwork they are signing reflects the original agreement of the sale.  Donna’s team will review the documents to check for accuracy, as well as making sure you have a chance to see them before we get to the closing table. The goal is to have closing go smoothly, so we’ll work to fix and issues before we get to that point.

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