To: Michael Maloof

“You have another impressed and satisfied customer – ME!

“On Monday evening, Donna was at our house to have a counter-offer signed by Rusty and myself for a house in Edwards.

“It has been such a long process, as you may remember when I first began talking about our search. As a matter of fact, our search has been going on for at most two years. We joked with Donna that we really did NOT want to be her longest term clients!

“Our experience has been simply TREMENDOUS!

“Donna has showed us numerous houses. She was spot on with the issues, including pointing out potential problems as we looked. In fact, we were possibly thinking about making a very low offer on a foreclosed house, in which the supporting beam had been cutout by the previous owners, and the whole house had taken a beating as a result.

Donna called out a business person that she has worked with (he came within 20 minutes while we were still there) to give his opinion. While he and Rusty talked, that gentleman even offered to bring out a friend who is a structural engineer to offer an opinion. However, Rusty thought we should not make an offer.

“Donna regularly sent us listings via email, and the one she sent us on the house we’re buying, I just kind of “passed over” after my initial impression on just glancing at it.

“Well, it was the one house that Donna did a follow up call and said, ‘I can‘t believe you haven’t called me – this is what you want!’

“We went to the open house, and called Donna the next day to make an offer!

“l have told so many people about my experience – it may cost a little more to get one of the best in the industry, but its certainly worth every penny!

“I know there are so many agents at Maloof that are skilled – just wanted to let you know of one more customer who will be singing the praises of Maloof Realty! We both felt extremely fortunate that Donna was our agent! And, of course, you’ll have a new listing soon.”


Best regards,
Diane Russell
Vice President, Branch Manager Pioneer Branch
PNC Bank


” Donna has been working with us for over 5 years, helping us sell our new construction homes.  She truly goes above and beyond to make our transactions successful. We are happy to have found her, and plan to continue to utilize her experience and knowledge to grow our business in the future.” – Joe Lahood

“Donna‘s expertise helped me sell my home! After showing me many, MANY potential new homes, I was not able to find one that suited me…Donna able to help me find a lot and a builder to build my new custom home! She was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I was more than pleased with the transaction from start to finish, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy, sell, or build a new Peoria home!” – Caramel Remmert